Using the Oven

Why I use my oven

Tradition - Take a Peek - Multiple Loaves

When folks first start making bread from scratch, they like to go back to the smell of grandma's house where everything was done that way - and smelled like heaven in a kitchen.  Today things may not be so nastalgic, but the result can be the same.  And remember, one day your grandchildren will come into your kitchen.  


Will they smell fresh bread?  I hope so.  


Standard gas or electric ovens are great for the following reasons:

  • It just feels right.  The oven, the kitchen, fresh bread or rolls - is it possible to get emotional about how you bake your bread?  Umm, Yes.

  • You gotta like the window.  Taking a peek while the bread is baking is important - and fun.  Opening the door lets the heat out, but that a hazard we are willing to live with as dedicated bakers.  You have to be one with your bread, but sometimes from a distance.  And remember the grandkids.  To them, watching the bread from the window will be like going to the zoo. 

  • Controling the temperature.  You're the boss, and if you follow the recipe or create your own, you'll want to understand how bread bakes at different temperatures..  Time and experience will give you the skills, but with a bread machine, you don't have control.

  • Baking multiple loaves is sometimes a necessity.  And besides, they look good all lined up there together.  Baking more than one loaf at a time also saves you from having to bake more often than your schedule allows.