How to Convert Recipes

Most standard bread recipes can be used with a bread machine. The only exception would be breads that require an extended time to develop, such as sourdough breads where time is important to flavor and developing good gluten.

For pan breads like those on the Recipe Page, these recipes can all be used with bread machines.  In fact, it's even easier than a standard recipe - just like the bread machine promised.

Using the Bread Machine:

Combine all ingredients from the recipe and add to the bread machine pan all at once.  All the flour, liquid, salt, sweetners, grains and seasonings.  

Choose the apprpriate setting for the type of bread you are baking (whole wheat, white, etc) and let the bread machine to the rest.

Using the Bread Machine

Why I use a Bread Machine

Convenience - Walk Away - Automation

Bread machines have been around for a long time - but they rarely get used.  At first it's a great idea: make a loaf of bread without hardly doing anything yourself.  Dump in the ingredients, hit Start and Poof!  A great loaf of bread

2-3 hours later.

I still think it's a good idea, but folks just get busy and stop making bread - or they find the machine a bit too hard to use.  And sometimes the bread comes out more like a balloon or like a brick.  We like something in between.  A good bread machine can make a  good loaf of bread, but because bread machines use the one fits all method (kneading, rise, bake) all in the same environment, the bread will come out a bit heavier on the bottom, the crust will be thicker on the bottom and it is important to follow the recipe as closely as possible to avoid under or over proofing the bread.


Would you use a bread machine?  It depends on your lifestyle and what you need.


Bread machines are great for the following reasons:

  • Convenience.  You can literally pour in the ingredients, select the settings, press Start and walk away.  If you want bread as soon as the cycle is done, you'll usually wait 2-3 hours.  If you want fresh warm bread after coming home from work but you don't want to wait for the cycle to begin and end after you come home, most bread machines have a delayed setting that will start whenever you set the timer.  2-3 hours before you come home it kicks in and when you walk in the door - Fresh Bread.

  • Saves Time.  You're busy.  The bread machine can do the work, but just like turning your work over to someone else and expecting them to do as good a job as you would, you have to trust that the machine will do a good job on that loaf of bread.  Follow the recipe and you should be fine.

  • You're just a one-loaf guy/gal.  If you don't need more than one loaf, don't make the mess.  You and your bread machine can become great friends.

  • You're Lazy.  No problm with this one - bread machines were made for lazy, busy people who love the smell and taste of fresh bread but don't have the time to do it all by hand.  Check out the column on the left to see just how easy it is to use your favorite recipes with a bread machine.